The software enables the administrator or webmaster of a website to receive and respond to text communication from multiple users of the website. It is commonly used as a way for webmasters/site owners to instantly engage their website visitors; done both in a reactive and proactive fashion. By using this type of software, webmasters often are anticipating:

a) increased interactivity and trust with the website visitor;
b) (if an E-commerce site) increased sales/conversions.

Benefits of Live Chat
Adding live visitor chat to your website will help increase sales & conversions and improve customer satisfaction and loyalty. Why is this? Well the benefits are on a number of levels.

  • More Ways For Your Customers To Contact You
  • Once a visitor has chatted to you, their contact information is recorded against their visitor record in the database.
  • When you start chatting to a customer you will have access to all previous live chat sessions and visits at the touch of a button
  • Live chat enables the visitor to get the information they need quickly.
  • You can watch what visitors are looking at and then send them a ‘can we help?’
  • Live Chat features real time chat translation, enabling your visitors to chat to you in their own language.
  • This can increase conversions without any additional work from your staff.