Most commonly known as Email Support and also as Service Desk & Ticket Based Support. This method is very useful when customers are looking for detailed solutions like step by step procedures for a technical troubleshoot or they have long list of queries. Most importantly used for sending secure information like passwords and other secret information.

Email Management
Manually managing customer emails can quickly become a pain with having to sort through a growing amount of emails. In addition, unless you’re backing up your emails remotely. Support ticket systems save you the trouble of the old ways of manual management by automatically storing and organizing your emails to help keep on top of your customer inquiries.

Communication Tracking
Ticketing systems give you the advantage of keeping track of all of the communication that goes on with all tickets. This is especially beneficial for companies that have multiple people working accounts because it enables everyone to see the communication thread to greatly help avoid any miscommunication with customers.

Time Management
When dealing with a large amount of communication for customer support, there will come a point for the need to monitor the amount of time spent on it to keep your business efficient (most systems come equipped with a time management functionality).